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Cat Head Pins

Drippy Coffin Ita Bag Glitter

Drippy Coffin Ita Bag Glitter

This backpack is a custom design.
It is 14inches tall and 11 inches wide, its 4inches wide when fully extended. The ita window is roughly 12 inches by 9 inches wide.

Bag has zippered ita window with solid black ita insert, zippered main pocket, with 2 small inner zippered pockets on either side. Back of bag has a magnetic latch that goes down about 8 inches on the backside of the bag.

Inside bag is custom printed CatHead branded logo print, with a name plate of CatHeadPins on the back of the bag.

Bag has hand handle and comes with 2 backpack straps. Body of bag itself is shiny PU leather with Purple Glitter vinyl drips on the body of the bag.

There is a matching wallet available for purchase separately.

This bag can hold an ipad pro 12.9inches in a folio case, do not over load the bag with weight.

While loads of things will fit do not put too much heavy material in the bag. If major damage occurs within 1 month of receiving bag exchanges/refunds will be potential outcome. This bag is not fully water proof but is water resistant.