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Cat Head Pins

Heart Of Spring Renewal

$30.00 - $75.00
Heart Of Spring Renewal

Heart Pins are 64mm with 3 pin posts, special collab back stamp & laser
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Mini top pins are 15-20mm, each with two posts

Each Heart comes with 3 theme matching mini pins. All of my color ways are LE and will not be available after they are sold out. Each of mine are numbered.

Spring Blossom Features: In silver metal pin has 6 different pink's in glitter, the main tree petals and the flowers. The tree bark is long oval swirled pearlescent to mimic bark pattern. With pinkish transparent filled cut outs. The 3 mini pins are also in silver, with both birds in glitter, and the cherry blossom in pearlescent.
numbered out of 50

Nevermore Blossom Features: Bright purple Dyed soft enamel. The main tree features black and purple swirled pearlescent, with the cherry blossom's being 3 different colors of glitter. Grey transparent filled cut outs. The tree body is white glow in the dark enamel. The 3 mini pins are all glow in the dark enamel made in black nickel metal. Special Name lasered into back. Numbered out of 50

Frosted Blossom Features: In silver metal The main tree leaves are made of white, and soft blues in glitter. The cherry blossoms are brighter blues and teals in glitter. The bark of the tree is black with glitter. The 3 mini pins: The flying crow is in bright teal glitter, the cherry blossom is teal soft enamel dyed metal in black glitter, with the sitting crow in silver with white glitter.
numbered out of 50