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Cat Head Pins

Whole Circus

Whole Circus

All 13 members of the circus. The Ringleader, The Acrobat, The Harlequin Twins, The Knife Juggling Twins, The Nurse, MisFortune Teller, The Strong Woman, The Snake Dancer, The Fire Dancer, The Knife Eater, The Bearded Lady.

*Free* Includes The Glow Token, 4 knife board fillers. (Token not sold separately, only included for free with orders of 6 circus members or more)

!The Nurse!: minor under filling in some places, her math is discounted in this. Normal with full priced nurse 200$, with her price deduction, full circus individually is 196$,

THIS FULL CIRCUS price for everything: 175! 21$ savings including discounted nurse. 25$ saving from full priced Nurse.